Help with writing  your book!


Help with writing your book




  • Have you thought about writing a business book only to become overwhelmed by the prospect?
  • Do you need help creating a clear focus on how to plan and create your book?


If you are serious about boosting your professional credibility and want to attract new clients and customers... then you are in the right place.




  1. Establishes you as an EXPERT
  2. Help with writing your book
  3. Creates instant CREDIBILITY
  4. Instantly improves your customer/client base
  5. Free PR and media access
  6. Creates the potential for multiple streams of income
  7. The Best CALLING CARD ... effortlessly selling you and your business
  8. Satisfies any personal dreams to share your knowledge and gifts with the world


Self publishing a business book can deliver all these benefits. It’s the best way to promote your business and stand apart from your competitors.


The ‘Get that Book Written’ Programme will show you –


  • How writing and publishing a business book will be the single best marketing tool for your business
  • How to take an easy and guided step-by-step approach to ‘getting that book written’
  • How to get past any blocks on your time, motivation, and creating content


Get That Book Written Programme


The ‘Get That Book Written’ programme is made up of 7 specially-created modules to be completed within a mutually agreeable timescale. We make the book-writing process practical and sustainable; in no time at all you’ll be holding a copy of your own title. The programme consists of:

  • How to Plan and Complete The 7 Modules to Suit You
  • Step-by-Step Guided Process
  • Support and Accountability
  • Coaching calls with your personal BOOK COACH
  • A WORKBOOK to download to use alongside the online programme
  • Your book fully proof read for print
  • Typesetting and cover design
  • One printed copy to proof


And ... Many Additional Tips and Resources on the Skills of How to Write Your Business Book As Well As How to Effectively Harness the Very Best On-Line Marketing Tools Available Enabling You to Create Additional Income




  • Bring focus and create the clarity you need to form your content
  • Help you to understand the process and how it will help you to market you and your business
  • Unlock any limiting beliefs you have created about writing a book
  • Allow us to define the ACTIONS you need to take so that your dreams of being an author are realised


Help with writing your book!!

At the end of the programme you will know exactly what is needed to create the business book and marketing impact you want for you and your business.


Your coaching sessions will provide the understanding, inspiration and motivation to ‘get that book written’ and to create the BEST and most effective MARKETING TOOL for your business.



We’ve helped business owners like you become authors. Here’s what they thought of our programme and all that their own business book has brought them.



"I never fully appreciated the impact that having your own published book could have on your business and your direction. What started as a vague idea that would look good and be something to talk about, has now completely reshaped my direction and focus, opened up doors with publications and prominent figures and even led to interest from government bodies. And, quite simply, I would not have started or completed it as quickly as I did - or have produced something as reader friendly as it is, without taking part in Gail and Diane's Course. I am not a natural writer, but I actually found the process easy and enjoyable because of the planning and the ground work that had gone into it before I actually put finger to keyboard. If you have an idea and a desire, then you too can get that book written."


Andrew Miller - 'Hope Won't Pay the Wages'



In our programme you’ll find easy-to-follow plans, valuable advice and effective tools that will help you clarify your ideas. With our support and guidance, you’ll be able to COMPLETE your very own business book, ready for publishing.



"It’s not just the writing skills we bring to the table, but also a wealth of marketing knowledge to grow your customer list and create passive income. You can learn how to create multiple streams of income, once your book is completed." Gail Powell



You will also, of course, have extensive on-line ‘support’ if at any point you suffer any blocks or challenges with the process of this enjoyable and exciting book writing journey.


If you are ready for DIFFERENT RESULTS then writing and publishing your very own Business Book this year will do just that. We look forward to helping achieve your dream of becoming a published author and to make the CHANGES you need for you and your business to have your most successful year to-date!


If you would like to know more about this program, email Gail Powell at for a free no obligation call.